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Lesly Wicks, Executive Director

Lesly D.Wicks, LCSW

Executive Director

The causes of homelessness are varied, but easier understood when you listen to people who are homeless…one story at a time. Although each story line is personal and delivered through the unique experiences of the storyteller, there are often similar underlying themes of de-valued work, expensive housing, rising debt, and bad breaks.

The solutions for overcoming homelessness are complex, a mixture of personal resiliency, policy changes, and public compassion. At Hope Haven, we provide the homeless with programs and services to help them increase their wages, move to affordable housing, reduce their debt, believe in themselves, and make better choices.

On a policy level, we advocate for policies that empower the poor, create jobs that pay a living wage, expand affordable housing and make health care accessible to everyone.

Enlisting public compassion for the homeless, however, has always been our easiest challenge. Providing services to the homeless was initiated by area churches in DeKalb County and eventually embraced by the whole community. Hope Haven has responded to the growing and changing needs of the homeless with the support of local churches, schools, businesses, groups, organizations, families, and citizens.

It is the collective compassion of our community that has helped thousands of homeless reach their common goal of living in a home, having enough food, and feeling a sense of security. It is with enormous gratitude that I thank our supporters on their behalf.


Lesly D. Wicks, Executive Director

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